My Journey with SDR……

Hi everyone! So things have been going well since the whole… incident… but we aren’t going to talk about THAT today, we are going to talk about some thing that has really changed my life something that is really important and that I think will reach out to a lot of people on my Instagram … my SDR surgery.

Firstly a bit about me…Obviously I dont remember any of this and sometimes when my mum tells me I do think WOW was that really me, I was born at 28 weeks weighing 1lb 5oz, I was tiny!!! One of the most common causes of CP is prematurity, I was born with a bleed on the brain which is what caused my Cerebral Palsy. Certain parts of the premature brain are vulnerable to damage, particularly the parts which control leg movement and co-ordination. This leads to excessive stiffness or spasticity in the leg muscles and it affected my ability to learn to walk. I didn’t start walking till I was 4/5. Spasticity also causes pain, and, over time, shortening of muscles and tendons, joint contractures and bone deformities. Spastic diplegia (which affects the leg muscles more than the arms) is the most commonly occurring type of cerebral palsy. (this is what kind of CP I have) Nerve fibres running from the muscles back to the spinal cord play a major role in maintaining this muscle stiffness. SDR, by dividing some of these fibres, is very effective at reducing stiffness and spasticity. Pretty amazing right even I don’t understand half of them words lol.

So rewind back to when I was a young child, I used to walk very very high on my tip toes like a ballerina dances but I walked like that constantly, my mum had to do stretches every day but it still never got rid of the stiffness and tightness, obviously I didn’t know any different it was just the way I learnt how to walk, my mum remembers asking my physio if there is any surgery I could have to help me walk and the physio said NO….. but to be fair SDR (selective dorsal rhizotomy) wasn’t really that well known in England. Then my mum met a woman who had a daughter called Darcey who had this surgery in America which helped her walk, it was called SDR, my mum did so much research about and she can only recall it being done in America, she says she thought to herself how the hell am I going to riase over £50,000, she would go on the internet and go on forums and speak to so many different people and then after a few months she found out it was done in England in Bristol so we got a referal to Bristol it was 4 hours away from where we lived and they agreed that I would benefit from it and we got the go ahead for me to have the surgery there. My mum would still go on these facebook groups and chat to people and she came across a lady whos son had SDR in Leeds well this place was only 45 minutes from our house and because at the time I had a brother and a sister, Leeds would be so much easier so again my mum went to the doctors for a referal and Leeds said that we needed to have a X-ray but the doctors refused to send us for one….so my mum got incontact with the local MP and explained everything about SDR and all about me and my condition and all of a sudden we got an X-ray!!!! even I think that’s pretty cool….

So we went to Leeds to see the doctor there who performs the surgery Dr Gooden he actually went over to America to train with Dr Park (who some of you already know) and Dr Gooden agreed that I am a good candidate for SDR, they just have to apply for the funding….But it turns out the NHS was stopping the funding for SDR, Dr gooden applied in April and in May the NHS stopped the funding so Dr Gooden obviously wanted to know because it had changed even tho they had already agreed to the funding could I still have the surgery????? YES I COULD!!!!!! I was the last person on the NHS to have SDR…wow can you believe it, why on earth would they stop funding for a surgery that helps children walk I don’t know…..

I remember going to Leeds I had to stay there for a month with my mum whilst my dad was with Lincoln and Emily, I will always remember the first time getting wheeled into the operating room; it was something I had never experienced before in my life! I will be totally honest I was petrified and every surgery I have ever had it’s still very scary to be put asleep, probably just as scary for my mum and dad, they have to sit and wait about whilst i’m having a major surgery. But is it totally worth it? YES!!! Let me tell you why its worth it…. Dr Gooden has to cut a nerve in my spine that was connected from my brain to my legs the part of my brain that got damaged when I was born affected this nerve, so cutting it released the tightness in my legs, which overtime brought my heels down so I wasn’t walking on my tip toes anymore, the surgery took about 5-6 hours obviously I don’t remember anything but my mum and dad said it was the longest 6 hours of there life….I was in bed for about 4 days until they started getting me up and about, to be honest it was pretty scary because I couldn’t do any standing up for 4 whole days, I was only able to lie on my back….luckily I don’t remember any of the pain THANK GOD but I can imagine it to be like the pain I had in my other surgeries. I remember all the physiotherapy I had to do and boy was that intense, I also had to go to the hospital school because I was in there for so long, I never got bored because there is some amazing staff who keep you busy with painting and drawing and watch DVDs, I also remember a little girl who was next to me besides my hospital bed who played tea parties with the nurses and me, (I was 7) and every night she would say ” Katie, I really want my mummy, where is mummy?” and I would always say ” She will be coming back soon!” I even stayed up with her late when she cried until she was alright because I felt really bad for her, my mum stayed at the hospital with me but in a building across the road from the hospital called Eckersley House, so she stayed with me the whole month my dad would come and visit every weekend. I even had some family come and visit me my Grandad came and Auntie Georgina and also my Godmother Roxanne came, I also got some sweets sent to my bed from my mum’s friend Heather AND yes I shared them with all the other kids.

It’s quite a big thing apparently to be the last person on the NHS to have SDR, a reporter from Granada Reports on TV actually went over to America and did a story about SDR and my mum thought why not get it out there that the NHS are stopping this funding so she emailed a few newspapers and got in touch with our local news and they wanted to do a story on ME!!!!!! little old me!!!!! if you want to see my pretty face on the news here is the link….. excuse the no front teeth LOL

I was Dr Gooden’s 9th child to have SDR… I still feel lucky to have it in the NHS to this very day! I would have done A LOT of fundraising to have my SDR operation… It would have taken me thousands of miles to America! Honestly…. all the way to America for one operation? I feel like that is so wrong! It would have been so hard for us all to do all that fundraising and travel that way, Luckily now everything has changed you are allowed to have it on the NHS again now but only if they think your a good candidate, I just want to say to all the doctors and nurses ( If your reading this or not ) thank you all SO MUCH!!! I wouldn’t be the way I am today if it wasn’t for you! My advice to anyone having SDR surgery ( or any type of surgery really! ) It’s going to be alright in the end, it might be and feel scary but it really improves! Some people on my Instagram who follow me are getting ready for SDR surgery and I hope they read this and think ” I can fight through this like the warrior I am!” I really hope it makes you feel better about it! Iv actually just had my 6 year check up in Leeds with Dr Gooden and he cant believe how well I am doing I think he’s done over 100 children now which is amazing!!! all them children’s lives he’s changed……we have such amazing doctor’s and nurses. Also a lot of people are worried about scars don’t be…be proud of them its made them who you are below is a picture of mine at first it looked worst but now you can hardly see it.

Any questions or anything feel free to message on my Instagram katieholmesblog13 or on my blog. my parents made a little video of my life up until I had SDR here is the link it shows videos of how I walked before and after hope you enjoy it…

take care everyone

Katie XOXO


Hurtful words….

Hey Everyone! I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while! I’ve been sooo busy these few weeks! In this blog it might not be as happy as you are normally used to but I truly hope you will understand how I feel once I’ve explained everything. Also, it might sound like I’m still angry at this all and I still am. So here goes…

So let’s start from the beginning shall we… so it was yesterday morning (or Friday 24th May if your reading this in the future) and it was English class, there was this boy sat in front of me… he was yapping off at me as usual because he had got sent out for rude behaviour, he tried to get out of having a detention and being sent out by saying it was all my faut and I said “It isn’t my fault that your actions got you sent out.” Then… he told me to shut up and he called me a word I’ve never been called before, the one all disabled children and adults hate… cripple. As soon as those words came out of his mouth, I felt like the earth just fell on me. You know when your really upset and hurt you just have a lump in your throat? That’s how I felt yesterday. I… I was just so speechless and hurt and upset and angry that someone would dare say such a thing! Not only was it hurtful, it was heard of from the whole class! After he said that hurtful word, everyone gasped and looked at me as I just looked at the floor trying not to cry, believe me I really wanted to but I couldn’t cry in front of the whole class, that would be even more humiliating! So when he had said that word, people told him to never say that. And to everyone at school and out of school who had sent such kind messages and comments about it, thank you all so so much you are so kind and thoughtful and it makes me feel a little better to know I’m not the only one out there dealing with this and that people care so much and think so highely of me.

At the end of the lesson, the teacher asked me what was going on because I think the teacher assistant told her, anyway I think she could tell I stopped putting my hand up and not being as happy. As I tried to explain to her what had happened, I think I must have welled up a little bit; why wouldn’t I? And then she said that she would phone my mum up at lunchtime. When it was lunchtime, I got a call from my mum. If there is anyone I know who knows that I absolutley hate that word, it’s my mum. She told me to keep my head high and to not be upset. When my mum reads this, I want her to know that I love her so so much, she is my greatest supporter taking care of me whilst I’m recovering from my operation at home, to jumping out of planes to make money for charity for me. When my mum was on the phone to my English teacher, my teacher said such lovely things about me and I thank you for that!

Someone on Instagram commented that karma will do it’s job and I really hope so too. He has already been suspended because of it for 2 days, I hope he gets a really big punishment at home. Not only it is offensive to me and my family, it is hugely offensive to other people with disabilities like me. If he reads this, I just want to say that it is hugely disgusting of what you have said to me. We never chose to be like this, it chose us. I have never known anybody in my entire life who would ever ever say that. I am actually tearing up from the memory and I will never forgive you. I wish you could know how incredibly hard it is having to wear splints every single day, getting stared at because you look different from other people, not being able to do things any other person would love to do like PE. Dance, sometimes CP can be so lonely, your lucky that im quite strong and comments from people like you dont affect me that much because bullying can affect people so differently. I hope you have got in to big trouble at home I could never speak to anyone the way you spoke to me.

To make this worse, this morning somebody texted me on my Instagram telling me “oh you have lovely legs shame they don’t work” And I just lost it. I don’t deserve to feel like this! To feel pain and sadness and anger, I don’t know what I have done to make people be so horrible to me and it isn’t fair! It really isn’t! All I have done is be me! And for some reason they don’t accept it one bit! People really do need to think about what they are saying before they say it, because otherwise there will be concequences! And yes I know that there are horrible people in the world and the world isn’t perfect, but are people really that horrible and nasty to call disabled people crippled and to say there legs don’t work? People need to understand what words can do to people these days. Just no this I will do the best I can do in my life to be happy and succeed in life I will try and fulfill my dreams, I will not ever let small narrow minded people like you affect me, you affected me for a day you made my heart break and you made me feel embarrassed that I have a disability, well no more….. I FEEL SORRY FOR YOU and I feel sorry for your parents.

That is going to be all for today everyone thank you all again so much for the love and support!

If you want to leave any questions or comments I will answer them all on this blog or on my Instagram: @katieholmesblog13

keep on smiling and putting your head high dont let anyone ever make you feel like your not good enough because you are….

xoxo Katie xx

Easter half term!

Hey everyone! Yes I am finally doing another blog again! I’m sooooo sorry I haven’t done one in about a month! Anyway, today’s blog is going to be about my Easter half term and what i’ve been up to! Happy Easter by the way as well!

So first of all, I started my Easter by going to the park with my auntie’s and cousin’s! It was really fun and I didn’t exactly go on a lot of stuff at the park as some of you may no its quite hard as a teenager at the park! But…. I did go on this ride which 2 people have to sit on (It’s basically just a see-saw but you go up in the air and people spin you around.) and when I was on the ride with my cousin Jessica people spun my around pretty fats!!! and I mean fast my mums face was like aaagghhhh but I’m one of those people who get dizzy pretty fast. That’s why I don’t normally go on spinning rides because I never feel well afterwards! But we had so much fun seeing my family they completley understand my Cerebral Palsy and take there time with me and they dont judge me and I LOVE THAT. It was also the first time using my sticks…. it was hard my balance was rubbish my co-ordianation was rubbish there was big hill well it was big to me probably wouldnt be to you LOL I was so tired at the top I had to sit down where everyone else was fine. (little things that are different) but I just diddnt want to use my walker, I think I need more practise.

A few days later, we saw them AGAIN at a farm! At the farm, we saw quite a few animals but me, my sister and my cousin Keira went on a loooong trail! (well, it felt quick to them but felt AGES to me, that’s why we sat down for a little bit and then set off again!) On the walk we saw a lot of dark tunnels which we went into but some of them were like never ending tunnels you might sometimes see in movies! We also did some weird stuff like the weirdos we are lol but in a very funny way! I got a few stares of little kids but thats OK its different I know I saw a few fingers being pointed but I diddnt care I was with my family and loving the day!

About a week later, we saw my godparents Roxanne and Stu there such special people to me they really make me feel confident and I just love them so much, also a really nice woman called Holly and her son Preston (Roxanne’s friend from London) at the park! (It even had a zoo there!) We had a lot of fun, we saw a lot of animals like peacocks which I absolutely loved! We even saw one with it’s wings out which i’ve never seen before! The only bad thing was… was the peakcocks screeching! They were so loud they sounded like the noise when cats fight with each other; you could hear them from the other end of the park! It was REALLY cold that day too! When we finished going to the park, we went to the Pub to get something to drink… don’t worry I only had Coke lol. After the Pub we went over to Roxanne and Stu’s house. (Well, on the way there, most of us walked whilst me Holly, Roxanne and my sister, my mum and Preston went in the car. (And hear me out, it is not fun when we all had to squeeze in lol but we managed it thank goodness! When we went in their house, it was so pretty inside! It was big and on the wall they have these plastic gummy bears on the wall and they were all a different colour. E.g they were purply pink, orange yellow and red and each colour of the gummy bear looked like it was dripping down the wall! (I do not think that was good explaining but I hope you know what I mean lol.) I say it a lot but spending time with people who accept you is so important even if it is adults it doesnt matter sometimes for me adults are easier to get on with then children they dont judge me they have more patience, even if you can count your friends on one hand it doesnt matter. It was the first time Holly meeting me and we got on so well shes lovely and her son Preston is sooo cute.

me my family and my godmother Roxanne (the small one lol)

me and my sister Emily we look so grown up!!!

2 days ago we went to the Pub near our house and got some drinks since it was a really hot day then. Luckily there was a play area for Noah so he dosen’t get bored! We talked about our holiday to Turkey in July and what we are going to do there! My mum and I are kinda hoping I can get a tan on holiday too! Then Lincoln’s friend’s parents came round too and we just talked about random stuff as well! They were very nice people! Oh it was also my brother Lincolns 9th birthday he got a new bike, football nets, football (pretty much erveything football related) he went to Stockport County Soccor Club for thr first week so every day of the week he played football for 5 hours a day!!!!

So I guess that is the end of this blog I hope you enjoyed this one as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Remember, if you have any questions you can ask me on either this blog or my Instagram @katieholmesblog13

I have 600 followers on my Instagram now so thank you so much to everyone who follows me…

I hope you all have a nice Easter whatever you are doing! ENJOY THIS WEATHER!!!!

Stay positive! xoxo Katie

Cerebral Palsy Awareness day 2019

Hey Everyone! Today its just a small one, I just wanted to write a little bit about Cerebral Palsy.

The type of Cerebral Palsy I have is Spastic Diplegia it affects my legs only, apparantly it occurs in 80% of all diognosed cases of CP. Spasticity refers to increased muscular tone, my legs used to be really stiff and tight but I had Selective Dorzal Rhisotomy to sort this out as well as another surgery. I think as I get older I will probably have more surgeries but for now im doing really well im hoping to start training with walking sticks the co-ordination is very difficult for me to get the hang of, but ill keep trying.

Cerebal palsy means quite a lot to me because in my opinion, it made me who I am. I honestly don’t know what I would be like if I didn’t have CP, but actually, I don’t really want to find out because if I didn’t have CP, I’m not sure I would have inspired people to never give up or just to be themselves! Sometimes I think yeah my life would be easier and I would be like everyone else but then CP makes me Katie Holmes, it makes me have this platform where I can raise awareness and help others and I love nothing more than people contacting me asking me for advice about CP, I think I have quite a lot to look forward too even tho I do have CP.

So about CP awareness day, it is when people can apparently celebrate and learn about it. How amazing is that, that we all get to celebrate a disability, to me it’s important to celebrate every disability out there because most people go on about there lives day to day not realising about other people’s struggles. I think its interesting to find out about other disabilities and this is something I really want to do, everyone who has a disability who has awareness days should be so proud its what mkes us different its what makes us us! We are people with feelings, Sometimes we allow people to ask us questions depending on what the question is, but for me, I allow any question and I will have a serious answer for you. That is why at the end of every blog I tell you that I am free to answer any question at all! My goal in life is to be an actress, or have my own bakery I would love to be a model so I can raise awareness for disabilities, I truly believe that when im older I will be a advocatte for cerebral palsy I really want to help others I just feel like I am a natural caring person, I care so much for other people I try and be a good person to talk too. Just because I have CP doesnt mean I cant make my dreams come true it might just take a little bit of fighting and being knocked down.

The reason I started this blog was just to inspire people, to show them that they are not alone with this disability. I wanted to show people what it’s like living with CP, the stuggles I have the obsticles I jump over, I never actually thought that loads of people across the world like Eygpt and America and loads more places would see this blog and say wonderful things about it! I kind of think thats coming true, I am raising awareness and I am connecting with a few hundred people around the world who have CP in there lives. I honestly love it!

I’m not sure how my CP is going to affect me in the future, but I promise that I won’t let take over my life! When I am older, I don’t want to be in a wheelcair because I want to be able to go out, have fun like any normal person would! Im not saying people with CP dont have fun but its harder, I want to be able to travel across the world, especially America and Australia, and learn new languages so when people talk in their language’s, I want to be able to talk to them and say: “Hi I am Katie! I would like…” I don’t want to be thinking: “um… does anyone speak English here? I don’t understand what the heck you are talking about!” I am doing quite well at French at school so maybe i’ll start of in Paris LOL.

I really really hope you enjoyed today’s CP awareness blog today, even if it was a little shorter than usual! I also want to thank everyone who has wore green today, even my mums’s friends did it and I love it because that is what raising awareness is about, each and every single one of you who wore green did that!

I love you all so so much, thank you all for the comments you put on my Instagram they really make my day better than it already was!

Remember that you are not alone and you are more than what people say you are!

Keep being yourself!

Love Katie xoxo

P.S: Remember, if you have any questions at all you want to ask me, I am avaliable on this blog, and on my Instagram: @katieholmesblog13

Am I different?

Hi Everyone! Today’s blog is going to be all about me being different or not! (also sorry I haven’t uploaded in like a week! x)

So, first of all, personally I myself think that I am different. I dont look different (minus the huge blue walker) I dont talk different, I just walk different. Also I do things different and I often feel different too. (that was a lot of the word different LOL) sometimes its the little things like I go up the STAIRS different! Whilst “normal” people go up the stairs, I sometimes CRAWL up the stairs! Why do I do that? because it is easier for me. My balance can be bad and sometimes people who I live with (not naming names LINCOLN) rush past me so its safer, at school I get the lift its safer, When I was little, I used to SLIDE down the stairs! I am starting to walk up but very slowly its even in my physio plan.

Another Example is putting my shoes and splints on. You might think putting shoes on is easy… but not if you have splints! My mum has to do it for me cause it’s just too hard, even with a shoe horn! when I wear splints I have to buy shoes that are 2X bigger than my normal shoe size, I know how to put my splints on, even tho it took me 12 years to do it, but when I try to put my shoes on, it’s so difficult! I hope I don’t wear splints when I am older because when I have them on, I just possibly can’t put any shoes on! Also I cant wear lovely girly shoes or strappy sandles and really nice trainers like my friends they always have to be a certain kind to fit over my splints. When I wear skirts or dresses everyone can see my splints and I know they dont make me ugly and I should be proud but untill you have worn them all your life you wont understand.

Another “glorious” Example, taking. a. bath. In my opinion, taking a bath isn’t just difficult for me, but for my mum as well. The reason behind that is because she has to BATH ME. I know… embarassing! And by the word bath me, I actually mean it! She has to wash my hair and that! I want to be able to bath myself soon because, I’m not a baby anymore! And I also want to give her a rest from doing it for me! I cant explain how much I hate this its very hard for me to wash my own hair because of my co-ordination, We have tried don’t get me wrong it’s just too difficult! Obviosuly when im older I will do it but it will take time practising.

Another Example is playing out. Don’t get me wrong, I love to play out with my friends, even if they are younger than me! But there are times when I feel left out. Like sometimes my friends bring their bikes or hoverboard or anything people can ride, they speed off leaving me to “run” after them! They do tell me that they will go slow for me, and sometimes they do! But when they do I feel like they don’t want to go slow with me and that they want to speed off together. Which I completley understand I would if I could use them, But when I have to run, I get really tired and I just need to sit down a lot cause I feel like most of my energy has been wasted by running after them. Alot of my friends go shopping or hang out together, I dont, its not that im not allowed its because they never ask me, maybe its because I have my huge walker, kids are all about being cool maybe they dont think im cool with my walker, I dont know…..

Another one is doing PE. I haven’t done PE since before my operation, but when I did, it was kinda different. Not as different as all the other examples I wrote, but whenever we play a game to do with throwing and catching, no one passes me the ball. (I feel like I have told you this story before… oh well!) And if the people who want to be FAIR pass me the ball, I might as well have it in my hands for 2 seconds throughout the entire game! It’s just SO boring just standing there! maybe its not about being different maybe its about the way people think, honestly tho people with disabilities get treated very very differently.

Another one is, going for days out as a familly together. I cant go and run like my siblings everything I do has to have much more thought about it, going to the toilet, going down steps, crossing the road, everything is a little bit more harder fro me I guess you can say that have more freedom and dont have to think twice about certain things. I rememeber for my 12th birthday me, Emily, my mum and my dad went to Alton Towers! (I even went on a upside down ride, even though I hate them!) and I had to use a wheelchair for the day. (But that was a bit good for me cause we could get first in line cause of it lol….we have to have some benfits from being disabled right??) Even though I was in a wheelchair throughout the day, it was still so much fun going on all the amazing rides! I managed to go on ALMOST all of them, except from… the Smiler! Gulp! I’m just shuddering just thinking about how many loops it had! If I went on it, Im positve I would of been sick!

Enough with the examples, now I am going to talk about if PEOPLE treat me different…..The truth is, not really! When I am sitting on a table with my friends, they just treat me like any normal person! It makes me so happy when people don’t speak to me like I am a baby and include me in normal teenage things, sometimes people walk past me and go awww….why awww?? my whole life doesnt have to be about Cerebral Palsy I wish it was like that every day. What im trying to say is everything I do is done differently than you most things are harder, take twice as long, so I suppose I am different in that way.

My message to people about treating people different is that being different or being weird is just being yourself! People sometimes tell me that I am weird and I say “thanks! Being weird or different is being myself!” And some people say that there are a lot of different types of normal people, and being different and crazy and weird is being MY normal! Its ok to be different if we were all the same it would be boring!!

I hope you enjoyed my blog! Remember to be yourself! Love you all! Bye!

xoxo Katie

P.s: remember you can ask or tell me anything you want on this blog, or on my Instagram @katieholmesblog13 xx

Do my siblings suffer because I have CP?

Hi Everyone! Today’s blog isn’t just all about me, but my siblings too. I have a 15 year old sister called Emily who is going to college this year, her hobbies are going to the cinema, and doing LOTS of gaming. She also is a fan of drama like me! I also have an 8 year old brother called Lincoln, who I argure with almost everyday lol. He is in year 4. His hobbies are going to football, watching football and…..listening to football. he goes to watch Stockport County with my dad and grandad and uncle and he plays for a football team too! Lastly, my ADORABLE little brother Noah who is 2 years old and he has the curlest hair EVER! It looks like spaghetti so I sometimes call him “spaghetti hair!” His hobbies are being cute, playing catch and EATING A LOT!

So it’s not just me who has a disability in the family, my older sister Emily is living with Autism which is a disability that makes her communicate differently then other people. So when I ask her a question, she sometimes finds it hard to answer. But some questions I ask, she likes to answer them and she answers them easily. For example, she likes it when I ask her questions about things she likes. Like “when did the first Mario game come out?” She will say that it came out in 1981 which is right! She’s pretty smart when it comes to video games. Escpecially Mario Kart!

My relationship with Emily is good, sometimes we argue with each other (Like who’s turn it is to watch TV and what to watch lol) but we agree on stuff too! We like to watch films together on the weekends when we have time. We both like watching films my mum watched when she was little, we also like going to the cinema together and just having a nice time with each other!

My relationship with my younger brother Lincoln… let’s just say we don’t agree on anything. Ever. But when we don’t annoy and try to fight with each other, he let’s me go on his Xbox with him, (when he’s feeling generous he once said lol) We don’t watch movies together because he LOVES to watch horror movies or superhero stuff like Marvel. I just like to watch more girly stuff like my mum. (And no, let me stop you right there, I DON’T watch my little pony or Barbie with her!) more my best friends wedding or 13 going on 30…..We also like to play video games together like Fifa 19 or Avengers on his Xbox.

My relationship with my 2 year old brother is… well, I can’t explain to you how good it is! He is just the cutest little person ever with his curly hair! He likes it when I do impressions of people he likes to watch on TV. I like playing downstairs with him we learn a lot of words and animal noises together, it would be just like his own private school with me as the teacher and him as the student! (That’s if he pays attention instead of watching In the Night Garden or Hey Duggie on TV!)

see what I mean about his hair lol

So now you know a lot about my siblings, I don’t think its been easy for them having me as a sister, with all the surgeries I’ve had and appointments, I didn’t choose to have CP, but when you think about it, they didn’t choose to have a sister with it either. Once I had to stay in Hospital for a WHOLE month because of my operation and it completley split us up as me and my mum was in Leeds and my family was in Manchester. Sometimes we don’t get to do stuff we would love to do as a family because of my CP like Trampolining…. I cant jump so I just sit on my knees which isnt fun, going to the beach have you ever tried to push a wheelchair on sand… yeah its impossible so 9/10 my dad had to carry me. Going for walks….this sounds silly but unless its a flat path a wheelchair cant be pushed on it there isnt a great deal disabled people can do even going for a meal if there was steps well how am I gonna get up there? again my dad would carry me. So because I couldn’t do that stuff they couldn’t either so we diddnt do loads when I was little, so they missed out on a few family days. BUT the good news is im not in a wheel chair anymore I can go upsteps and I can go off road (still not a trampoline tho) maybe thats why I never got invited to any bithday parties because I couldnt do much when I was younger but my parents always tried and made sure I had the best childhood and trust me I have.

When I had my surgery, my siblings were mostly supportive, Emily carring my stuff upstairs, Lincoln was getting me a drink when I needed one and also talking to me as well, and Noah… just being Noah but with more hugs and kisses then normal which was kinda suprising! I think he realised what was going on with me he had to watch me be poorly in a hospital bed so he kinda switched himself on to it! I felt so grateful that my family did all that stuff for me when I needed it, or even when I didn’t even ask for it, they still did it for me and for that I am forever grateful… I never wanted my siblings to ever feel left out which I think sometimes they do I mean I get a lot of attention (because of my CP) like when me and my mum do physio for a hour thats a hour not spent with them, sometimes I have to come first and I do feel bad but I think once there old enough they will understand, they do try and equally give us all the same attention.

My hopes and dreams for us when I am older are that I hope they achive AMAZING things like doing what they like best like Gaming and being a Footballer and just being cute and brilliant over all! I hope I go on to be an Actress maybe when I am older (But maybe I might want to be something different you never know! But for now I will just stick to acting and doing what I do best!) and I want to also have my own shop with cakes and treats and anything really! I’ve already thought of the name! What about “Katie’s Amazing Delights” or maybe “Katie’s Sweet Treats!” What do you all think about that? Let me know in the comments!
So that’s about it folks, please excuse that I just sounded like a crazy sports commentator I just thought it sounded funny. Ha ha? No? Well I’ll remember that for next time I guess…

Thank you all so so SO much for reading and commenting on my post and Instagram! Seriously, your comments are so wonderful and amazing and lovely that they all make my day! I’ve recived private messages and Notifications telling me that I’ve been shared by you amazing people! I have even been Tweeted by the Headteacher at my school himself on the actual school website! Isn’t that something!

Also thank you to my brothers and sister I hope when were older we will all hang out together and laugh at how much we used to annoy each other haha and thank you to my mum and dad who have given me the best life anyone could have and always being there for me.

Again thank you so so much for reading and commenting nice things which fill my heart up with happiness! I love you all, I hope you have a wondeful day/night and I will write soon! Bye!
Katie xox

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Children with disabilities are 3x more likely to be left out of social activities…..

Yep, you read that right…heartbreaking isnt it? Todays blog is going to be all about what it feels like to be left out in “social activites”.

This is very significant to me as a person because it really isn’t fun being left out of other things just because I am different, everyone should be given a chance to fit in even if they have a disabilitly or not.

So first of all, is me being left out in my primary school. Don’t get me wrong, primary school was something I will obviously never forget, but it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows there. From the first time I walked through those primary school doors, I knew I’d never fit in normally. As I and the school years grew, I became left out of activities more and more. Whenever we had PE and it was like dodgeball or basket ball or anything to do with teams, throwing, balls and catching, I was left out the most then. First example, no one even wanted me when we did team games! Whenever the PE teacher said “time to get into teams EVERYONE” I saw that people edged away from me when the teacher said it. Even my closest friends didn’t want to be with me because of how I am! When I finally got a team, (which I didn’t choose by the way) as I walked to the team I was in, everyone was either scowling at me, or glaring at me like I was nothing to them. Anyway, no one passed the ball to me or let me be a captain when I played. In dodgeball, I used to hear the other team say “lets get Katie”. They thought I couldn’t hear them but boy, I could hear every. single. word. And it just broke my heart when they said that!

I never got invited to any bodys house at primary school, (yep a whole 7 years) after school I would see my friends go to each others house’s, no body ever asked me, I honestly beleve its because the parents found it hard having me there… well they must of thought it would be hard but how do they know they never invited me… That really upset me as i had some good friends at primary school I dont see anyone from school anymore, I wish i got given a chance to go and hang out with them maybe we would still be friends now who knows!!

It makes me feel like I am pointless to people, like i’m a piece of paper to them to throw away just because I am slower then everyone else.

I thought it would be different in high school because I mean, it was a new chapter in my life and you hear such awful things about high school growing up and believe me, before I started high school I thought I would be the odd one out of the school; but after my first week, it wasn’t so bad! It is different now than it was in primary school because I have a lot more friends now, whenever the teacher puts me in a group, no one gives me “the evil scowl and glare” anymore, they let me join in and let me do what I want to do and they even listen to my ideas! (and sometimes even use them!) maybe it’s all about growing up and changing as a person and being more accepting to people who are ‘different’.

first day of high school

I’m only really left out in PE, I do get its because im slower and my balance isnt as good and I know that’s why they don’t pass me the ball and sometimes I can get frustrated at that. But some people tell the teamates to let me have the ball! I’m seriously gratefull that they give me chances now!

It makes me feel like I can actually do something and it feels so nice to be part of a team having CP for me is about being accepted and I think through out my whole life even when im older some people will accept me and some people wont.

Some people do include me in stuff and give me a chance though! Like my neighbour she’s one of my bestest friends she’s called Ebony iv known her for pretty much 10 years I like to think because we have grown up together she’s so accepting of me she knows what I can do and what I cant im so thankfull for having her as a friend, also this really nice girl in my school called Evie includes me a lot too! (She even has another little girl who is her friend who has CP called Lottie!) in fact I have so many nice friends at school and I really hope we remain friends after school too.

If you want my advice (maybe I should take my own advice) try and make friends with people who have CP, who have the same struggles who also feel so left out, I dont feel sorry for myself as I have an amazing family and my close circle of friends love me for being me, they accept me, they have all made me who I am. All the photos you see are pictures of my lovely family and friends thank you for accepting me and helping me grow and always being there for me

me and my best friend Ebony

Thank you all so much for reading about this blog and my others! It means the world to me to know that you all support me through my crazy journey through CP!

If you have any questions you want to ask me or anything to say, follow me on my Instagram @katieholmesblog13 or ask on this blog!

Thank you all so so much for reading I hope you have a wonderful day/evening! Bye!

Katie xox

The word I love to hate….PHYSIO

Hey everyone! Todays blog is all about physio! Seriously, physio SUCKS! I have to do physio at home and at school. It may be boring, you might not want to do it, but hear me out, its all worth it in the end! I do physio at least 2 times a day and I also add my 10 min stretches to make me stronger here and there! If you have CP or other medical conditions or even if you don’t have any conditions at all, I just want to talk about what its like when I do physio.

When I was 1 I wasnt hitting any milestone I was crawling, or even trying to crawl so I started physio then i began to crawl, I then needed physio for learning how to walk, I actually cant remember a time when I diddnt have physio……I do at least 1 hour every single day when I wake up, just so my legs can feel strong for the day ahead of me. If I didn’t do my physio when I came home from hospital, or if I never did my stretches at school, I don’t think I would be able to move my legs or even go to school unlike now! If you think that physio is a waste of precious time, (okay okay, before my op on my legs, I only did 10 mins of physio a day because it was SO BORING! But now I realise that it is important in my life.) Just think how it would make you feel and wherever you do your physio could help you be a sronger and better person in the future!

If your a parent with CP please no how important it is to do your physio my mum goes on and on and on at me all the time and I know shes right but sometimes I just need a break but because my legs will get so stiff I cant have a break, if you feel like physio is not worth it, it REALLY is! I mean, I feel like a better, more straight person then I usually was, and that’s because of the AMAZING doctors, nurses and my familly and friends by my side and also because I work so hard for my legs so they and me can have a better future! And, if I and you carry on working as hard as you/I can, you will be able to achive your wishes and dreams!

When I grow up to be a woman, my wish is to be an actress because I LOVE to preform and act my heart out in drama! Me doing my physio everyday is like… another few steps for me to finish my goal and do what I love doing!

The time i got on the news!!!! (sort of acting lol)

Some of my physio exercises are:

Knee Exstensions. (so basically I have to sit down on a chair and put my back nice and straight, and put my left leg up 10x and then my right leg up 10x. I now use a leg weight so it can be a bit hardwr for me to do it!

Sit to Stand. (so a lot of people I know do this one, you have to be sat down, and just simply lift yourself up and go slowly down again 10 times, It would be amazing if you could do them with no hands!)

Bridging. (I did this one before my op, but I do it for longer now! So, it’s pretty simple, you just have to go into a bridging position, and go up for 5 seconds, and come back down. I do this one 10 times!)

Going Up And Down The Stairs. (alright, I know that going up and down some little stairs once or twice is easy, p.s: it depends how big and how tall your house is lol. But for me I CRAWL up the stairs! (Sigh) I know I know, im not little anymore so that’s why im starting to do it properly! All you have to do is go up and down the stairs with your left and right leg one at a time. Simple!)

I hope you found this blog interesting! Feel free to ask questions on my Instagram or on this blog!

I hope this blog was helpful towards you or anyone you know!

Also one more thing I promise but I just want to say thank you to my amazing physiotherapist Sophie, she has helped me in so many ways im so thank full for her if anyone in manchester is looking for a private Physiotherapist please get intouch with her

I love you all so much thank you for your support!

Love Katie xox

Dont say I wish, Say I will….

Hi Everyone! Todays new blog is going to be all about my achivements in my life. Ive done a lot of achivements in my life; and today I am going to name them for you!

To me I think everything I try to do is an achivement, like when I first crawled for the first time, (seriously though, I had to do physio JUST for crawling!) when I took my first steps all on my own, and when I went up the stairs for the first time.

When I was little, I was in a wheelchair for 4 years of my life. Then I took a few independent steps and my walking unaided gradually got better but because I was so high on my tip toes I used a walker, but luckily when I was 11, I started on walking sticks. (I think 11 is a pretty late age to use walking sticks if you ask me) The reason I managed on walking sticks, (even though it took a while to get used to them) is because I did 1 hour of physio with my physiopherapist, Sophie.

The next achivement in my life is when I went to RobinWood in Year 6. I did quite a few achivements there; like when I managed to climb a climbing wall even though I was exhaused at the end. Someone at RobinWood was in the same room as me and she kept on picking on me caling me names, and telling me that I would never be able to do any of the activities there because of my “stupid disability” but the next day when we had to do the climbing wall, I showed her that I could do it even though I have a disabillity and even though it took me a while (5-10 mins). You should’ve seen her face! It was all red and she was glaring at me and all I said was “Told you I could do it.” and walked back into the line.

Anyway, my next great achivement was going to highschool. Actually, I don’t think this now but on my first day of officially being a Year 7, I thought I would never be able to fit in the school because of how different I was and how big it was as well. I was also nervous because I knew no one there. But I managed to make friends a long the way, but I have loads now!

The Next Achivement was when I went to the Outward Bound Centre in Wales. I also did a lot of amazing things there like Rockclimbing, Zipwiring and RUNNING and STAYING in the sea for 15 mins! It was amazing there and I hope I can go again in the future! I even had a teacher house with my friend Catlyin! Everyone else had little cabins with bunkbeds!

Another Achivement is when I did the Manchester Run. I did 2.5K with my mum as you already might know from my first blog. It was probably one of the hardest and most tiring things I have ever done in my entire life. When I managed to finish the run, I did it in half an hour and I was 98th. Not bad right? It felt like I was doing it for hours because of how tired I was! I think I did it because everyone was cheering me on and that made me believe in myself. I remember even telling my mum I couldn’t do it; but with everyones support telling me I could, I managed to do it! I was so proud of myself but I was also proud of the people who supported me on the way.

The next Achivement (I know, there is a lot of them) is my operations. You might be wondering why I include them in my list. The reason why is because I fought through them even though they changed my life, and I call them achivement because I have dealt with them my entire life. And also because I was strong, brave, not willing to give up and I also knew the outcome would help.

The last one is about you guys being your wonderful selves, it’s because of you guys that this blog has been an achivement. I never thought this blog would actually be listened to all around the world; I just thought this would be a blog where all my friends and familly would listen to. Take some personal advice from me: if you just believe in yourselves and be yourself too you will be able to do absolutley AMAZING things!

Thank you all so so much for your support on this blog and my instagram, your comments just make my day all the time and they are all so beautiful!

Make sure to believe and be yourself!

I love you all so so much, thank you again for your support! I will update you on my Instagram when the next blog is avaliable! Bye! >3

Why do people always stare at us?

Hey Everyone! Todays blog is all about why people have to stare. Do not get me wrong, staring is normal, I understand why people do it as I walk past, but I just wanted to blog about how it effects me personally. loads of people have stared at me since I was born. It didnt effect me then, how could it? I did not understand what it was. As I grew older, the stares grew along with me too.

The stares happen pretty much every day of my life, even going to supermarkets, I get a lot of children young children staring at me I so wish there parents would say ask her why she has the walker or why she has the sticks, its teaching them to know more about disabled people and this way they will be more accepting, also a lot when me and my familly go on holiday together. I mean a lot, maybe there not used to seeing disabled people I honestly dont know. Loads of people literally just stop walking, turn their heads to me and stare. Every single holiday I have had with my familly has been a holiday to remember, but it would be perfect if people just didnt have to stare at me wherever I go. You would honestly think I was an animal at the zoo they dont even try and hide it, all I can think is ‘yes i know i may look a little bit different, well my legs do but im completely normal’

Next thing on “the list” (Yep, there IS a list of where people stare at me lol) is school. I know what you must be thinking, “But Katie, I thought you had loads of friends and that I didnt think it would bother you!” (If you do not think this, I apologise, not everyone can be a psychic right? Since I couldnt be a doctor, I thought a psychic would do the job… never mind!) my true friends dont care about my sticks or my walker but the truth is, it does bother me. Whenever I walk past people they stare at my splints, my walker, and my sticks. But sometimes whenever I feel unconfortable, I just pretend that no one is staring at me, my legs, or anything to do with my CP. It does make me feel more proud of who I am to pretend like no one is staring at me. Thats the best way to deal with it I feel pretend no one is starring some people even walk past and sat awwww… 13 I dont need anyone’s sympathy. The nicest feeling in the world is being accepted some days I feel it and sometimes I dont, like I said my real friends dont even think twice about it.

The next “fantastic” staring review is that it is normal to stare. Listen, I know I did this a little on the first paragraph but i just want to explain in detail why this one is okay to me. (Don’t worry, you’re not going to be up ALL night reading this ha ha) I think this is ok beacuse they only want to know what happenend to me I think its human nature to stare. Some people are curious I would be too, it bothers my mum more than anyone she always says if they stare just say what you looking at….but im not EVER going to do that. The only problem is that I feel uncomfortable whenever people do stare. (The word unconfortable has been used quite a lot to describe how I feel I think lol)

This is the last staring review now. I left this one for last because I feel like it is the most important one of them all: if you have a personal opinion or question about me, feel free to ask/say; I won’t hesitate to tell you the answer. To me I feel like people are scared to ask in case I get embarrased. It’s absolutley fine! I love speaking to people about my CP I am so proud to be who I am I wouldnt ever change the fact that I have Cerebral Palsy its what makes me me.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog if you still want to stare go ahead feel free to ask any questions on my Instagram or on this Blog.

I love you all

Stay Strong!
Katie xox